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The night has come to conquer the ember moon
The night has come to drown in the black heart's desire
Voices enter the root of thoughts and take them into the nocturnal void
Withered hands hold the chalice of the mysteries dripping down the tongue
The night's second face one step behind the beautiful caress
Cold flames lacerate, crawling up the flesh and soul
until the candles of pain enlighten the entirety
A writhing soul in the gruesome hands of the burning moon
Trapped in the shroud of an innocent dream
Shivering in moondrunk ecstasy when beauty reveals its cruelty
a craving scythes the fetters of blood
ember fires feast upon the fetters of light
when cruelty reveals its morbid beauty
The gates await unlocked to a realm beyond divinity
The steps only follow one way, the path towards sanity's end
the thoughts descend into their tombs vanished is the name of pain
Tears rise in the shadow's sleep
Veil all those feeble wounds of a blinding sense
nothing is what it seemed to be remaining as a frozen dream
somewhere behind the shadow's veil
Revelation of the morbid throne
Conqueror of the unbegotten spark, the cursed seed
The night has come to enter the spiritual crafts
The night has come to unveil another sight
The night has come to unleash the craving
Do you feel the source that fills the chalice
with the wine with mesmerizing strenght ?
Conqueror of the Ember Moon
Harvester in the gardens of desolation
Feel that pain bears more than pain
when the eye catches the candle and not its light.

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