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Manta rays above us
In the open sea
I wonder if you think of me.

Now we're swimming deeper
Nothing's as it seems
Creatures sailing silently.

Or so I've dreamed
Since I met you
I've been hollowed by your body
I've been hypnotized by all you are

Oh, all I want
Is to know your name
and whisper it in your ear,
But I'm weightless like I'm falling on the moon.
I'm falling slow for you...

Driving through the darkness
We are glowing green
You're holding my hand to your cheek.

This car is our vessel
Our tires leave the ground
Up above the night sky, we're going home.

Or so I've dreamed
Since I met you
What secrets do you hide?
You tilt your head, there's a city inside.

All I want
Is to know your name
And whisper it in your ear
With your arms around my neck.
You've haunted me in colors
I've never seen
I feel strange and unprotected,
But I'm weightless like I'm falling on the moon.
I'm falling slow for you...

Sailing through the dark to the lunar face
Your pupils shining over time and space
We are two creatures each wrapped around
The other without a sound,
Safe at home,
Falling slowly.


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