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Sadik: Yo man ( sparking a joint)
Sadik: I used to play in this marching band man, you gonna think I'm lying,
cause I'm telling you, I did.
Man: Not you
Sadik: Alabama A&M
Man: Not you, that's right?
Sadik: That's right, that's where I meet Dawn Robinson at.
Man: Who that fly thang?
Sadik: Boy, don't be calling her fly that's my lil' sister.
Man: ( laughing)
Sadik: Also Ali dude, Ali was trying to go to Alabama A & M, but you know.
He didn't, he stuck on New York, so you know, he just stayed in New York
and froze to death.
Man: Is that the DJ guy?
Sadik: Man shut up, man you don't know you sound fake. But check it out,
anyway we used to do umm, " I wanna dance tonight" I had a dream a marching
band did it man. I called you know, the school and went back to college
man, that's were I got all my degree's at. We just played on graduation.
( Band instruments began to play, "I wanna dance tonight" )

Band fades out.

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