Artist Name - The Name of the Ablbums/Music Single Date of the disc release
Lostprophets 4:AM Forever (disc 1)'s lyrics 2007-04-23
Lostprophets 4:AM Forever's lyrics 2007-04-23
Lostprophets Cant Catch Tomorrow (Limited Edition EP)'s lyrics 2006-12-16
Lostprophets A Town Called Hypocrisy (disc 1)'s lyrics 2006-09-11
Lostprophets A Town Called Hypocrisy (disc 2)'s lyrics 2006-09-11
Lostprophets Liberation Transmission's lyrics 2006-06-26
Lostprophets Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast) (disc 2)'s lyrics 2006-06-19
Lostprophets Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast) (disc 1)'s lyrics 2006-06-19
Lostprophets Goodbye Tonight (disc 1)'s lyrics 2004-11-22
Lostprophets Goodbye Tonight (disc 2)'s lyrics 2004-11-22
Lostprophets Last Summer (disc 2)'s lyrics 2004-08-23
Lostprophets Last Summer's lyrics 2004-08-23
Lostprophets Wake Up (Make a Move) (disc 2)'s lyrics 2004-05-03
Lostprophets Wake Up (Make a Move) (disc 1)'s lyrics 2004-05-03
Lostprophets Start Something's lyrics 2004-02-02
Lostprophets Last Train Home (disc 2)'s lyrics 2004-01-26
Lostprophets Last Train Home (disc 1)'s lyrics 2004-01-26
Lostprophets Burn Burn (disc 2)'s lyrics 2003-11-03
Lostprophets Radio Sampler's lyrics 2003-00-00
Lostprophets The Fake Sound of Progress (disc 1)'s lyrics 2002-03-11
Lostprophets The Fake Sound of Progress (disc 2)'s lyrics 2002-03-11
Lostprophets 2002-05-25: Ozzfest: Donnington UK's lyrics 2002-00-00
Lostprophets The Fake Sound of Progress's lyrics 2001-12-19
Lostprophets Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja (disc 1)'s lyrics 2001-11-26
Lostprophets 2001-08-25: Reading Festival: Reading, UK's lyrics 2001-00-00
Lostprophets Fake Sound of Progress (demo)'s lyrics 1999-00-00
Lostprophets Here Comes The Party's lyrics 1997-00-00
Lostprophets demosamplerVol.1's lyrics
Lostprophets 2002-09-07: Ozzfest: Selma, TX, USA's lyrics
Lostprophets Holographic Mirror's lyrics
Lostprophets 2002-05-25: Pre-Ozzfest Acoustic Set: Donnington, UK's lyrics
Lostprophets Last Summer EP's lyrics
Lostprophets 2002: Live at the Hard Hat Cafe's lyrics
Lostprophets 2004-02-22: Radio One Session: London, UK's lyrics
Lostprophets Zane Lowe Sessions's lyrics
Lostprophets 2002-06-16: One Big Sunday: Swansea, UK's lyrics
Lostprophets [non-album tracks]'s lyrics
Lostprophets Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja (disc 2)'s lyrics
Lostprophets 2002-02-10: Astoria, NME Awards Tour: London, UK's lyrics
Lostprophets 2001-12-13: Glamorgan University: Pontypridd, UK's lyrics
Lostprophets Burn Burn (disc 1)'s lyrics
Lostprophets 2001-10-30: One Live, Irish Centre: Birmingham, UK's lyrics
Lostprophets Last Train Home EP's lyrics
Lostprophets 2002-01-07: Maida Vale, London, UK's lyrics

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