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Waste allot purify my loss and regrets,
Domination leads my life

Slaughtered people, slayer I
Weirdest thoughts, understanding is not my game,
Pain blackout, your eyes will bleed

Slaughtered people, slayer I

Ripping open, learning you
Aim to wisdom, better man than you

Mending my frustrations, all thoughts on myself
Takes no notice in others pain

Wasted bodies, master I

My fist crushes faces, spilling blood for them
Crushing dreams of future, fighting is my game

Wasted bodies, master I

Ripping open, learning you
Aim to wisdom, better man than all of you

Innocence makes progress, need no cause to slay
Weak victims make no difference, just easier for me

Everybody is hating me

Molesting makes me stronger, I need the smell of blood
Wants to drink it from them, drain them in the mud

Everybody is hating me

Ripping open, learning you
Aim to wisdom, better man than all of you

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