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My mind is wandering in a deep sea
In search for an island to come out of waves
Things that would have become wind
Behind my mainsail are pushing me within

Last night my dreams told me
Something about you and me
Something forthright has to be

Doom's whispers daze me
I don't know what
they are trying to tell me

However the waves don't move me now
I dream about full lips moving all night
Yet the wind doesn't belly my sails
From deep within my soul you still come out

After a long time I still don't want
To let let my true grief come out
I can remember some whispered words
Telling you are not what I really wish

Why is my heart bleeding?
Why is my soul suffering?
Why? If I really don't need you

Now I ask myself
What would truly have grown
When you wished to be with me

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