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[Verse One: performed by ADMoney]
Out jumps the ginny from his caddy
Sippin' on the beer and he's pissin' in the alley
Taste that bud on my lip
And the A is gonna flip
Cops are on my ass cause I just caught a vic
Testin' LOB punk
Yo you're gonna lose
We put crews in cement shoes
So ba fangool it's the dego mick bastard
Respect my hood or I'm comin' out bashin'
Send you to the coroner
Youze think youze tough
Check out my corner
Kids run schemes
Kids run the capers
My man Paulie Two Times will run you for your papers
The papers

I get the papers
I'll run you for your dough
So when you're in Brooklyn better act like you know
I get the papers
I'll run you for your dough
So when you're in Brooklyn better act like you know

[Verse Two: performed by Paulie Two Times]
Well, it's Paulie Two Times, Two Times I get the papers, the papers
Rollin' with the Lordz social club money makers
Highjackin' trucks, trucks just to get the ends, ends
Go to Aqueduct, duct just to bet the wins, wins
And hit them off with the counterfeit bill

[performed by ADMoney]
Well its Ad freegin' Money with the racket that's ill
We came from Bay Ridge
Put your hands in the fridge
We'll throw your punk ass off the Verrazano Bridge
Cause we're gettin' down and dirty
Like we're stuck in the mud
Can't talk on the phone cause it's tapped by the fuzz
You see I'm runnin' from the law
Wise up punk brass knuckles to the jaw
Well it's the Lordz of Brooklyn
Fuck Central Bookin'
Take your ass home or your loot's gettin' tookin'


[Verse Three: performed by ADMoney]
Now way I busts that's how I feel
To be down you must be real
So get rid of that steel and fight with your hands
I'm gonna vic your ass as fast as I can
I make crazy bank cause I'm cash like Johhny
Call me Dapper Don cause I'm style like Gotti
Watch me brake it down just for a second
Thanks to Adam G I got guitars on my record
So empty your pockets and give your dough
Cause when you're in Brooklyn you better act like you know


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