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Intro/Chorus: repeat 4X

"Chilllllllll" --> LL Cool J
"cause I'm so smooth" --> Rakim
"I make the girls strip naked and just give it here" --> Finesse

[Lord Finesse]
I'm a player for the 90's, I can show and prove it
When it comes to girls, I'm on some crazy old smooth shit
I step in a party, kick it to the best hoes
Then slide off and people say, "Where'd that Finesse go?"
See -- I like the girls with the fresh mouth
Cause they're straight from the party and off to Finesse house
I got this far, so I know I'm gonna hit it soon
When you come to my house, leave your panties in the living room
Go with the flow, it don't help to fight
You wanna front? You'll be by yourself tonight
Cause I'ma get mine, then it's time to get showered dear
Throw on your clothes, fix your weave -- you're outta here!
I tell the truth, there's no reason why I should bluff
I get the ladies, and all that other good stuff
Girls I game any, sex I get plenty
I assume it's all free cause I never spent a penny
I get the ladies and plus I keep papes
When it comes to trickin money off females, I'm a cheapskate
So all you girls who are fans..
.. I'm the fun type man, I'll settle for a one-night stand
Don't be alarmed, your best bet is to stay calm
I'm smoother than that shit that you purchase from Avon
Girls don't play me, they strictly obey me
Ask who the smoothest, bet you they'll say me
I'll take one to a dozen, sister niece or cousin
Yeah, Finesse you the man -- you thought I wasn't??

Chorus 1/2

[Lord Finesse]
When I roll I slide right, hoes and freaks I sideswipe
To make it short, keep your girl out my eyesight
I'm far from sly, slow, or petrol
I'm snatchin up girls like a klepto'
So when girls leave they guys I like to watch the men flip
If you lost your girl, she wasn't yours to begin with!
Brothers got game, but Finesse is twice as nice
They need cars, all I need is a mic device
Girls I juice, love and seduce
Knock the boots, then cut em all loose
I make em all say, "Owwwww!" Lie them in a pile
and date em all like they goin out of style
It's the L-O-R-D, F-I-N-E-double-S-E
It's not my fault, that a lot of girls sweat me
Cause even in high school, I was just too smooth you see
had girls cuttin class and droppin out of school for me
I'm true and so sincere, I'll take you and your friend there
For the 90's and beyond, Finesse is in there
If your moms is in our business, put the lady down!
Cause it's enough Finesse to go around
I don't lie, front or perp the role
Is your child over 18? Then put her on birth control
She'll be in trouble once I get started
I'm layin girls out like carpet
Smooth since day one, so all the girls stay strung
I'm the kid, your parents told your ass to stay away from
Have no fear, it's the player of the year
I make the girls strip naked and just give it here


[Lord Finesse]
It's Lord Finesse, the mack, the jiggalo
Still and all, I'm a smooth ass nigga doe
Come sign up, for the Lord Finesse program
Champagne, dim lights, jacuzzi and some slow jams
Stuff like this, I figured is a fun thing
So that don't mean that I'm only after one thing
Even doe, I work extremely fast
I just like havin fun, without spendin cash
I use skills and strategy, none is as bad as me
I get the ladies - so niggaz stay mad at me
Straight up business, do girls with the quickness
And leave em smilin like a kid on Christmas
Invite me over, let's try out your bedset
Forget hickies, I leave girls with a red neck
Girls break they neck to run and get ahold of me
So brothers with money ain't got nuthin over me
Girls come to my house in a trench and see-through
They love Heavy D, but shit, they love me too
So forget the nerds and illiterate jocks
I'm smokin girls like they come in a cigarette box
I make em wait on a list like I was welfare
Ask them am I worth it? Bet you they say, "Hell yeah!"
Pimpin is like basketball, I get much run
go for the shot, score and PLUS one
Brothers be sweatin me, so I'm at the foul line
Cause the females that were theirs, you could say are now mine
I gain females and mess they minds up
That's why I'm number one, on the startin lineup
Kinda funky, plus it makes sense
Brothers don't like me, but they all play the bench
and watch Finesse as I run down the set-up
Step to a female, and gas her whole head up!


[Lord Finesse]
Word em up, Lord Finesse on the smooth tip
Peace to my man Showbiz, Andre the Giant
My man Info, my man Diamond D
My man Jazzy J, my DJ Mike Smooth in the house

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