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Everybody rock to this
Everybody step to this
Check it !

When I first saw you from afar, uh huh uh huh,
You made me get up out my car, uh huh uh huh,
I hopped out didnt even look both ways, uh uh uh uh,
I couldn't even find the words to say, uh uh uh uh,
When I got up to you I just laughed, uh huh uh huh,
You smiled so I gave you my math baby, uh huh uh huh,
Honestly I didn't think that you would call, uh uh uh uh,
Though you took a while girl you proved me wrong.. Yeahhhh

After my heart was broken
Girl it re-opened for me & you,
(So now i believe in love)
After my heart was broken
Girl it re-opened for me & you.

We hit it off girl from the start, uh huh uh huh,
Glad we aint waste time tryna front, uh huh uh huh,
I told you baby don't worry about your past, uh uh uh uh,
Girl i didnt even care to ask, uh uh uh uh,
Wanted you so bad after our first date, uh huh uh huh,
I respect you more that you made me wait, uh huh uh huh,
Now i can't see living without you, uh uh uh uh,
Never thought that I would love a new, uh uh uh uh.

After my heart was broken girl
It re-opened for me & you.

Girl you healed my broken heart, la da da da, la da da da ah .

After my heart was broken girl
It re-opened for me & you.

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