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You can never really start from the start
The ending begins inside of the heart
The people, they love to remember your name
It's a hospital bed but it's all just the same

Why did you leave when you will return?
Your past is your future, your future will learn
The crows that fly, we'll try not to find
Do things once, you know you'll do it twice

So I want kids with safety bricks
And a car thats quick
So we can split

Why did protection burn down your home?
The smoke was so rich that they gave you a throne
Turning clue hands into sunrise
Three times the charm, three times you pay the price

So I want kids with safety bricks
and a car thats quick
So we can split
I want kids with safety bricks
And a car thats quick
So we can split

A miniature live inside of a grin
I'll stop for a moment and try to refrain
I'm hoping you learn just like when you were a kid
Let's hop a fence and do what we always did

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