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Yo, (here we go, come on)
Greetings to you all (here we go, come on)
We came millions of miles to be here with you tonight (here we go, come on)
And we're gonna bring a man up to the microphone right now (here we go,
come on)
And goes by the name of uh, well he doesn't know (check it out come on yo)
[Verse 1: K-Os]
Shape shifTING, uplifTING, lyrical vein here to terminate the bling bling
Six million ways to live, choose none
The devil's both left and right confuSION
A new sun, a new earth has begun
Metabolical rates are chanGING, rearranGING
This rhyme is entertainING and visually stimulating like an impressionist
Oooh, yo come follow me, what's the definition of a real MC?
Is it looking hard on MTV?
Or freestyling in a back street all-ey?
Muhammad, it's the return of the common
I'm bombing these rappers and dropping a hip hop megatron
From king street to eglington, we don't run
Cause when they got a mic, there's no need for a gun
[Chorus: x2: K-Os and background voice]
And it don't stop, and it don't quit
It's all fortified so jump on it
And to my people if you love your life, forget the strife
We rock from night, until morning
[K-Os x4]
Get your back up off the wall
Can't afford to miss the boat when they call
[Verse 2: K-Os]
If you think about a thought, then you'll see that you're timeless
House the rhymeless, they're asleep like Linus
I find this, very stimulating to the mind
But drives me crazy at the same time
Am i this or that? human or black?
Extra terrestrial or right side of the tracks?
In fact, the shoes itself could be confusive
Here's a little story from the time that's illusive
I knew a girl by the name of roxanne, met her in eighty-six
At the local band stand
New track suit, fat laces, white sneakers
Moving to the sound coming out of the speaker
Last week around queen and YONGE, i saw her at the corner with a business
suit on
I said "what's up girl? you still check the vibe?
Remember de la soul? diamond d? and the tribe?"
She said "no, no, i just don't listen
That stuff on the radio blocked the transmission
Same beat, same lyrics, same song
I listen to my old school tapes to get it on"
I said "word up girl? i know what you mean
It seems we're all trapped in the glitz and the gleam
The truth's just hidden for now, so don't sweat it
So here's a cassette" and then i jetted!
[Chorus x4]
[K-Os x4 in the background of the final chorus]
Come inside, there's no use hiding
Come inside, the sun is high
[K-Os x4]
Get your back up off the wall
Can't afford to miss the boat when they call
[Background vocal]
High, high, high, high, high, high, high, high
High, high, high, high, high, high, high, high
[K-Os x2]
Come inside, there's no use hiding
Come inside, the sun is high

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