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Sitting on the corner of College Avenue,
wondering to myself, "How could one so smart be so stupid?"
More education than the GNP of a small country could buy in a lifetime,
yet you're so foolish...
Brainwashed to the core, like a stupid fucking drone
Just because you're book smart, don't mean you're not a chump!

Sitting on the corner of College Avenue,
watching the co-eds passing me by - each lost in their lives
Dreaming of faternity boys, and sorority girls,
who've argued to me, "Our house isn't like the rest!
We're different!"
Self-important fucks! Living in a dream world
Someday these shallow assholes, will be running the world...

One day, one of these thousands of jag-offs on this very campus
May become famous for something they'll do yeah, yeah, yeah.
Maybe they will cure a disease,
or even bring about just a touch of world peace
But then again when i look around...
Then again when i look around...
Then again when i look around... I think to myself,
"Maybe not!"

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