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The not-so-pretty Princess was the clown of her class
She made funny faces when they wouldn't let her pass
There was danger of dying at every turn
Don't get caught crying was all that she learned

And the not-so- pretty princess was the queen of her room
And the world was in her closest while she dressed for the groom
There were angels above her and pearls on the floor
And nobody loved her outside of the door

And she's so pretty
She will never be
So pretty
But she will never be
She's so pretty to me, yeah
She's so pretty and she will...

And the not-so-pretty-princess met a doctor with a knife
He said there was a lot of ways he could change her life
Then with the nose of a reindeer, the skin of a plum
For now she'll be lovely forever though dumb

And she's so pretty
She will never be
So pretty
But she will never be
She's so pretty to me, yeah, yeah
You're gonna see her places
You're gonna see
You're gonna see her and say
“Hey - that's my Maria”

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