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Chord Progression: G-D-Em

(G) I took her by the hand and (D) looked her in the (Em) eyes
(G) I said I wish that I could (D) make you (Em) realize
(G) That there's nothing in this (D) world I wouldn't (Em) do
(G) For just one more chance to (D) let me be with (Em) you. But,
(G-D-Em) Ah, but anyway
(G-D-Em) What's done is done
(G-D-Em) And anyway
(G-D-Em) (Pause)

(G) She said I loved you once un(D)til you said good(Em)bye
(G) How can you break my heart and (D) want another (Em) try
(G) Now you stand her telling (D) me you will be (Em) true
(G) For just one more chance to (D) tear my heart in (Em) two. But,
(G-D-Em) Ah, but anyway
(G-D-Em) What's done is done
(G-D-Em) And anyway
(G-D-Em) (Pause)

(G) I never really meant to (D) go and break her (Em) heart
(G) What a foolish way to (D) make a brand new (Em) start
(G) Wishin' I had never (D) turned and walked (Em) away
(G) Now I'm dyin' and there's (D) nothin' I can (Em) say, but "Anyway"
(G-D-Em) Ah, but anyway
(G-D-Em) What's done is done
(G-D-Em) And anyway
(G-D-Em) (Strum slowly and fade out)

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