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Thursday 1:11 am (beep)
Everbody In Club Get Tipsy
Everbody In The Club Get Pissy
Yo Tar Boy
It's Ya Boy Musty
Still Ain't Wearing no Deoderante
Till The Day I Die eeeeeeea
(Coff Pause) Woo It's Get Blowed
Yo Ya Boy J-kwon He's A Mothafucking Law In The Making Baby
Wooo Woo
But Got one problem Tar
Back to The Crib
bang That Mothafucker Banger Ha Ha
Just Tell'll Turn It down aaaaaaa nanananann Two Three Notches
Taking Mothafucking pictures off my wall but Hey Don't Want No Problems
(coff) Boy you fucking Track Boys Are Crazzzzzzzzzzzy
You Get This Msg Call Me Back You Know
We Can rap mon o E mon o
But You Know On The House Fone
555-55 uh???????? 5 yea Thats it
Call me Back A Sap Baby 1
Or is It 2
fuck it Add all Up 3 Baby
Holla Back Peace
All Msg Have Been Played

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