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Blessed by goatfucks, hellcantating sodomies
Malevolent blasphemies
Empire of serigalas dei-glorified, blood froze - time forgot
Told once by ancient knights gatherings of ever-royal

Cunting evil, cunting reichs
They rule vast kingdoms with supreme might
Blackbattles fought victoriously
From the frost forgotten plains of Gahl Rahm
They rise!

Satanique damnation
Sabbatic frostgoats
Blessed dark devilry
Sabbatic frostgoats

Shaktikal liberty
Thy blackness immortality shields the light
Kings of pandaemonic bifrost
Let the legendary sodomyths arise
They rise!

Martyred souls hail these pagan lords
Denial of celestial fame
In aeternum...
Funeralight - abyssic hellparadise
Tyranous goats, hell's infidel victors

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