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Bloodbath in sorrow
Battleaxes gleam
Third of hellstorms
I fly haunting the nights
From the black sunrise
Comes the firstborn demon

In blackness I chant
The darkness I dwell

Lusting the flesh
An undead's dream
My talons rake the eyes
The eyes of the crucified

Calling blackness to enshroud dim horizons
Raping those alive to breed the blessed undead
Consuming forsaken souls to breed thy immortality
For I am the king

We summon (forth) desecration!
Feed me their blood, bleed them whilst they sleep
Give me the strength and power that I need

Bloodbath in sorrow
Battleaxes gleam
Third of hellstorms
I fly haunting the nights

Let my silence speak the desolation
Embrace my horns
Eternally, a beast so majestic
I fly the nights

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