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Addressing inequities in inadequate techniques
Surgical procedures, involved and unique
My knife is a brush for a sanguine pallette
Create a masterpiece with some bone and a mallet

Hysterectomies for those who are insane
Severing meninges to balance the brain
Trephan the skull for a nervous disorder
Tapping the vein to expunge fever
Excoriate bubos with brand and cleaver
Our professors believe we're out of order

Suffering spinalectomies
Their bellies, jaundiced
Fusty minds, cowardly
You're gutless
Feint of heart and lothly
With enfeebled stomachs
Lily-livered and rafty
You're gutless

Without the risk, there's no reward
We must experiment on our wards
To elevate our science
We will operate in defiance

Committed to impuning progress
Judicial officials are made to egress
Our critics are given the axe
The needs of many outweigh the few
Profficide required for us to continue
The research of cold, dead facts

Restraining philistines
Facing final justice
Exscinding to the spine
You're gutless
Liberating omentum
Of an aristarchus
Usefulness just begun
You're gutless

Without the risk, there's no reward
We must experiment on our wards
To elevate our science
We will operate in defiance

Moral objectors will lose their tongues
And guts and bones and brains and teeth and lungs
Till they're gutless

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