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There's a place where people dance
While holding hands
To light of the moon
They sing to me tunes
And I'm not ugly
And loved ones that died still survive with no pain
And I'd lose if it went away
Just how do I begin to explain
By the way, your way or my way is okay 'cause either way you don't have a nem

It's when she loved me
The taste of the dew and the music in you

It's the moment that don't let you down
The place you go when there's no one around
The taste you know when the tears touch your mouth

What you think
What you seek
What you find
And I know that it's always around
Yea a love that it's always around

I know you tend to complicate the choice you make
But please don't lose something so beautiful
It's very lovely
But who am I to stay in this world that I made
And I knew when your wind went away
Yet I knew 'cause you whispered my name

And said you loved me
But how could I ever explain such a thing

It's the moment you open your eyes
While you think that theyre all still alive
Till the taste of the tears will remind

What you feel
What you'd fear
What you'd find
It's the moment that wont let you down
It's your scream when you can't make a sound
It's all you see with the tears rolling down

It's what you think
What you fear
But you know you will find
And I Know that it's always around
And I Know that it's always around
And I know that it's always around.

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