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My soul is tired like the evening sun
It is night and the moon is full
In this place alone I am
Hoping to see behind the dawn
In this dark and long winter of torment
I'm passing through
In sadness I well dwell
Hoping to see any light to fade away
Haunted by dreams dressed in black
Embraced within them and in their loneliness
Searching for serenity
Within my deepest inner soul
When pleasure is found
Ecstatic will I be
And no more will I hold this
Overwhelming sadness
I long for scarlet days
Of pleasure and delight despite that being
So insipid and unreal in this gloomy future
That is approaching so fast
I will have to resignate myself to this
And stand embraced in solitude)
...and surrounded by loneliness
And void feelings so lost until the day
When maybe all will understand...

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