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Bite my lip for asking the question, "Which one of you will take up our
Selfishness bonds us like blood.
Now suffer through arrows and slings.
My success is measured by how much you and yours will gain.
My pleasure, your pleasure.
Rewards seem that they are yours to take.
Can't you see this part of me is something that I share with you, but this
greed for what I love...
This is nothing if it's not for you. Promise me, don't fail me.
When hands are tied and my eyes are closed your faith is my resource.
Does being brainwashed make it true?
What changes have you made to show me that you know how I feel?
I'm not asking for thank you's, just asking for civility.
Can't you see this part of me is something that I share with you, but this
greed for what I love...
This is nothing if it's not for you.
Don't fail me when hands are tied and eyes are closed.
Your faith can steady my stride when weak legs fail.
You say this all comes in time but this time is wrong.
If all of this is nothing then I'm content with nothing

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