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Way back in '97 was a young blossomin' ho
Only given 'bout 8 blowjobs, never drank or smoked indo
Until one fine evenin', pages I was receivin'
Beginning to feel that old heavin' in my beave and
I whipped up a cocktail of cookin' wine
Nasty buzz kicked in and I was feelin' fine
But I needed somethin' spicy to give me a lift
A special magic cigarette went by the name of SPLIFF
And I went.

And I was smoke smoke smokin' just to hit my stride (x4)

Sittin' talkin' shit about small dix with gnarly tips
I was a faded little bitch munchin' on chips and a fish sandwich
I'm kinda like a hotel, always got someone in my bed
This night was no exception and of course he wanted head
I reluctantly approached the tiny thing he had down south
Cuz I'm a filthy little slut, I like to take it in the mouth
I couldn't manage nothin' and that boner asked me why
I said, "You can't bone my mouth when my mouth is bone dry"
And I went.

And I was suck suck suckin' on the Astroglide (x4)

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