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h[D]ello mom, i'm f[G]ine
w[Am]here the sun is d[G]ying
how's the w[D]eather 'ro[G]und my o[Am]ld homet[G]own
you see no w[D]orry about my l[G]iving
s[Am]ay that alls forg[G]iven
what's l[D]ost is bo[G]und to be fo[Am]und [G]
-the rest is barred chords
[C] i hope you don't exp[D]ect to see [D]me[C#] [C]
cause you know i'm very f[D]ar awa[D]y [C#] [C]
you know i really m[D]iss you [D] [C#]
but a m[G]ans got to make it on his o[A]wn someday
soo[D]n she sends him g[G]reetings
'bout the s[Am]chool civic m[G]eetings
says she's d[D]oing we[G]ll-[Am]in her ce[G]ll
yeah, her b[D]rother won a r[G]ace now
and he's p[Am]roud to show his fac[G]e now on the c[D]orner scen[G]e
and his p[Am]aper doll drea[G]ms
[C]and me i guess i'm [D]living[D] [C#] [C]
taking whats for the [D]living[D] [C#]
o[C]h mom, you d[D]o know [D]how
i re[C#]ally w[G]ish you could see whats [A]on my mind, yeah
solo: [D], [G], [Am], [G]
yeah i g[D]uess its kinda l[G]onely
and i've b[Am]een uptight for m[G]oney
but i'll m[D]ake it o[G]n my o[Am]wn-staying h[G]igh
you seem up[D]set about the d[G]rugs and music
y[Am]es, i've finely f[G]ound my way-its [D]my way gonna get to fre[G]edom
you f[Am]ailed with m[G]e
[C]someday you'll unders[D]tand all this [D] [C#] [C]
just what it is i me[D]an to say[D] [C#] [C]
just don't try to l[D]ove me[D] [C#]
[G]i don't want to see you h[A]urt this way
g[D]uess i'll be a g[G]oin'
makes a g[Am]uy afraid he's blo[G]win'-that's how mo[D]ney
ki[G]lls,[Am] somew[G]here
solo: over [D], [G], [Am], [G]
m[D]om, i cannot m[G]ail this
and l[Am]et you know i've f[G]ailed
its just not r[D]ight someho[G]w [Am]
oh n[G]o, i rather l[D]et you think i'm d[G]ead
then h[Am]ung on drugs inst[G]ead
i'm dying a[D]nyho[G]w-and its t[Am]oo late no[G]w
[C]i guess there's a mo[D]ral so[D]mewh[C#]ere [C]
but i can't seem to th[D]ink just no[D]w [C#] [C]
if i had to do it o[D]ver [D] [C#] [G]
i guess i'd change the tr[A]ial somehow
lor[D]d its really [G]hell
when you're l[Am]iving in a s[G]pell
and n[D]othings li[G]ke it se[Am]ems
in a co[G]caine dr[D]eam

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