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The crest light of divinity will never shine Contemporarily refined through
a catastrophic hell Buried deep within the blood of traditional revolution
A distrust to decipher man's evolution, The future never known A black hole
of undivine nature for destruction of heresy The stellar cycle about to be
sucked into the imploding dark star to resurface an early cycle of man for
a new millenium Closure begins in collapse, Dissolving into the raven giant
We are timeless...within damnation Outer descent thrown into a reversal of
extinction No emotion within this promise of damnation On sorelines of the
perverse The Armageddon of prophecies unfold This threshold of an event
horizon Collapses into a closure of negative density Look past the stories
of life Look beyond these lies of a garden of delight The serpents tale is
only beginning of this interstellar rebirth Hell's cold fire Begin a cycle
reborn Devouring of utopia Attain within non-escape Haste to collide with
this transi tional barrier that makes a dead man free The cold ground is a
warm death that leaves the personal idea of dying a lonesome rebirth Grasp
towards the sky from within this depression As mountains of scattered head
stones lay A far worse burial stigma becoming the inquisition The black
heart of cold faith Bare this cross a tranquil agnostic epitaph The
delivery of a condemned ideal The veil closes its swollen eyes from above
This bitter evocation sealing the blackness of love

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