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It's all completely silent except memories of the past
More freedom <i>[x2]
All I am refusing is the mortal man that enslaves
More freedom <i>[x2]
Explain it all to me I'm pale and broken free
More freedom, freedom

I can't feel more for than I've always done
Detest your holy war extermination grows
Grotesc inprisonment character denied
Furious visions of the life we proceed
It's all completely silent of all and any screams
More freedom <i>[x2]

Explain it all to me I'm pale and broken free
More freedom, freedom
This is a picture attached to your war
Make me see what you see extermination lost
Killings of hundreds doesn't even make you flinch
A runaway incarcerated they took away your soul
When extermination grows
I hope you feel that much you die
No one can see how difficult it seems
With my luck I soon will cease to be
Incarceration the loss of my soul bury me in hell
Bury me in flowers I just past (passed?) away
Now I'm free

There is something caught behind my eye
Run to the end the screams before you are nothing
Extermination lacks
Increased or something lost upon the throne
You are nothing to us it's a war

Walking hand in hand embodying my soul
From the gates of pain into a home of joy
Keep fighting for your rights
Expand your freedom

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