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Residing amongst eternity, experiencing the gravity of time and the grave
nature of limitations.
Surrounded on all sides by the eternally recurring spring of knowledge yet
unable to drink.
(Sharing Tantalus' fate, lacking cognizance of Plato's object of
To charm the sphere is to control perfection.
To possess the sphere crystal glowing with white heat an elusive dream like
those that sip through the fingers of the mind.
Entranceways of possibility take on a warm effulgence through shards of the
sphere containing a duality of tactile sensations.
The ghosts of occurence rattle their chains and emit mocking tones but the
light of our shards illuminates their form.
Translates their speech and weaves their silvery words into grails of
Forming the fashioned cups from which we may sip and collect the droplets
of wisdom that radiate outward from the tissues within.
Incandescent-The sapient spring.
To charm the sphere is to alter reality.
Entranceways of possibility extend dimensions.
Relinquish their opaque nature to our shards of the sphere.

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