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Covered in dust the empire rests
Upon the throne of stone the Emperor is seated
The desecrated wastelands on which
The ancient warriors fought
Their grotesque battles are his
The foregathering of the songs of night
Completed with the howl of wolves
Down in the woods of eternal dark

The freezing winds bring forth the horrifying cries
Of those who fought here
The howling wolves cry out their frightening songs
Over the forgotten fields
Under the blackened sky the once so
Mighty warriors resurrect
In the shadow of moonlight and armies gather

Marching to the valleys with pride
Serving the Emperor of dark
Disciples of the dark war gather
For it is now, for us the songs of the night

Furious we slay all that we see
Life shall be no more
Complete powers of the dark ones
Now the and for eternity

On this darkened night
The passion shines in our eyes
We know that the time has come
For us, the sons of the night
At the end of time
Under the darkened sky
All life will end
Covered with dust of Armageddon

The foregathering of the nocturnal ones
It's time to be as one

Mighty knights of Armageddon
At least they have come
The moon and stars will vanish
Behind the apocalyptic dust
As the cosmos burns, ends all life
As the cosmos burns, all time ends

The burning winds bring forth
The horrifying cries of those who die now
The howling wolves cry out their frightening songs
Over the forgotten fields
Under the blackened sky the mighty warriors dominate
In the shadows of moonlight their grotesque battles are won

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Funeral Winds When Twilight Shines Over lyrics

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