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For a spirit, evil, this way comes
Lament and howl, for this spirit from the North
As a lion coming up from its lair
It will destroy you!
He will throw you down, your blood splatters
Youll be trampled underfoot, your body mangled
Youll become as refuse on the ground
When they go to bury you, nothing will be found
For dogs will tear and eat your rotting flesh
Your bones will be crushed and turned to dust
But this is just a taste of your fate
In this, you can trust
Your mothers and your daughters will be ravaged
Your pregnant wife, ripped open, torn apart
Your infant children will be crushed before your eyes
Wild beasts will steal your sons, they will devour
He will make your laughter turn to sorrow
He will turn your joy to agony
All that you have gained will burn in fire
He is on His way
Open your ears, listen well
When youre destroyed, you will feel Hell
It will be better for Gomorrah
Than for you on that Day!
Hell smear the offal from your feasts on your face
Your sacred places will be filled with human waste
Your desolation, so cruel and complete
The flesh of your children youll hoard and eat!
Open your ears, listen well
When youre destroyed, will feel Hell
Rise then, bathe in Blood of The Way
Then youll be spared this fate!

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