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It's better that it hurts, it's better that it feels this way to me
I can't be too comfortable cause loving you is not my destiny

Said I'm concerned that I feel this pain my heart is aching, breaking, pain
staking in this gambling thing
this ain't no
parallel universe parallel life you choose to in one your living like love
of my life and in the other your the daddy of
theirs so I play Russian Roulette and put this phone to my ear just to say,
yo this is Ms. Stress

It's better that it hurts, it's better that it feels this way to me
I can't be too comfortable cause loving you is not my destiny

See too much asked of me through his lips so I attempted to be all that
dreams suggest to the ego and promise the soul
I tried to be all he had ever told of the interchangable face and
physicality and mentality of she as closely near he
summoned all my tears abandoned we
I lived alone for years No longer knowing who exactly is Me as I began the
punishment for his perfection
My vision nearly lost the direction my return to innocence was lost and his
ID you see I forgot instead I saw protection
through judgment now angels and devils look alike to me sometimes quiet
sounds like noise to me

My Angel I stopped breathing for you If my life was possible without end to
be sure of love I'm needing more than just a
casual affair But the pain runs deep internally But clearly seen when your
not there

[Chorus (2x's)]

Yo, Yo, Yo It ain't my time to die right now
You to I means death of my heart my visions my dreams [2x's]

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