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Um, I, ah
I'm feelin' low on energy,
Yo, listen, I feel weak, see

Verse 1:
Listen, at first you said I do, but now it's I did,
Said together we should live, now your mad with time we spend,
Used to be jealous of my friends, and fill my weekends,
But, now your off for pastimes,
Playin' games with my mind,
Your layin' the blame in my lap, but delaying laying in our bed,
Yo, I meant what I said when you weren't listening, and I'm not saying it

Verse 2: Yo, said I'm not saying it again,
You need to know that,
See, I'm coming to the end of my silent parterning,
Or barganing for affection,
I gain satisfaction from regulation, bare minimum,
Your mind is made on obeying opinions from acquaintances,
Who's situation suggest loneliness,
I try to leave, but you protest, professing, you love me,
But, cant show me loving,
You want out but, you keep me in,
Patience runs thin as you go through your motions,
I cry oceans, tears become orphans,
As my soul leaves its apartment,
I get migrains, heart strains, tear stains, and fear gains,
With increases in the pain, yo, I get a headache.

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