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I've been traveling the land from gravel into sand
Not knowin where I'm going never havin any plans
Anything I wanted had to grab it in advance
Abracadabra there's a rabbit in my hands cause
I've got the magic stick bust the baddest tricks
Fished for a whale brought a ship up out of it
Whats that I just saw? A platypus? Naw.
Maybe its a rat crawling flat on his paws
Or a baby dragon just dragon his claws
It doesn't really matter
Because it's Saturday,
So look thataway
30 clock matinee,
Lets collaborate
And I'll pay you back soon
With a crazy rap tune.
But for now were just gazing at the moon

Wander and ponder the pale blue yonder
To infinite and beyond the city
Beyond the city we all want to see serenity
But some times youve gotta hop the fence to see
That all sidewalks must end eventually
i sit still at the bottom of the sea
Brainwaves chill like a sea anemone
Sentient entity
Let the spirit enter me
Patient, pervasive, how I was meant to be
A stone worn smooth by the swift currents of chaos
A place to lay a thick array of lush moss
I'm parlaying on my day off
Floating way off on my thought balloons and snacking on macaroons
But for now I'm just gazing at the moon

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