Artist Name - The Name of the Ablbums/Music Single Date of the disc release
Fish 13th Star's lyrics 2007-09-06
Fish Communion (disc 2)'s lyrics 2006-08-26
Fish Communion (disc 1)'s lyrics 2006-08-26
Fish Return to Childhood (disc 1)'s lyrics 2006-05-08
Fish Return to Childhood (disc 2)'s lyrics 2006-05-08
Fish Bouillabaisse (disc 1: Balladeer)'s lyrics 2005-09-26
Fish Bouillabaisse (disc 2: Rocketeer)'s lyrics 2005-09-22
Fish Toiling in the Reeperbahn (disc 1)'s lyrics 2002-05-06
Fish Toiling in the Reeperbahn (disc 2)'s lyrics 2002-05-06
Fish Fellini Nights (disc 1)'s lyrics 2002-03-00
Fish Fellini Nights (disc 2)'s lyrics 2002-03-00
Fish Sashimi (disc 1)'s lyrics 2001-05-03
Fish Sashimi (disc 2)'s lyrics 2001-05-03
Fish Yin's lyrics 2000-07-11
Fish Yang's lyrics 2000-07-11
Fish Acoustic Session's lyrics 2000-00-00
Fish Acoustic Sessions (disc 2: Krakow acoustic set)'s lyrics 2000-00-00
Fish Issue 30 CD's lyrics 2000-00-00
Fish The Complete BBC Sessions (disc 1)'s lyrics 1999-09-24
Fish The Complete BBC Sessions (disc 2)'s lyrics 1999-09-24
Fish Incomplete's lyrics 1999-00-00
Fish Raingods With Zippos's lyrics 1999-00-00
Fish Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors's lyrics 1998-10-28
Fish Tales From the Big Bus (disc 1)'s lyrics 1998-07-00
Fish Tales From the Big Bus (disc 2)'s lyrics 1998-07-00
Fish Fortunes of War's lyrics 1998-05-00
Fish Kettle of Fish 88-98's lyrics 1998-00-00
Fish Sunsets on Empire: A Conversation With Fish's lyrics 1997-05-19
Fish Sunsets on Empire's lyrics 1997-04-18
Fish Brother 52 (disc 2)'s lyrics 1997-00-00
Fish Brother 52 (disc 1)'s lyrics 1997-00-00
Fish Krakow (disc 1)'s lyrics 1996-08-00
Fish Krakow (disc 2)'s lyrics 1996-08-00
Fish Fish Head Curry (disc 2)'s lyrics 1996-07-00
Fish Fish Head Curry (disc 1)'s lyrics 1996-07-00
Fish Just Good Friends (disc 2)'s lyrics 1995-08-14
Fish Krakow's lyrics 1995-00-00
Fish Yin & Yang: Radio Edits's lyrics 1995-00-00
Fish Just Good Friends (disc 1)'s lyrics 1995-00-00
Fish Fortunes of War (disc 4)'s lyrics 1994-10-10
Fish Fortunes of War (disc 3)'s lyrics 1994-10-03
Fish Fortunes of War (disc 2)'s lyrics 1994-09-26
Fish Fortunes of War (disc 1)'s lyrics 1994-09-19
Fish Suits's lyrics 1994-05-16
Fish Sushi (disc 2)'s lyrics 1994-03-15
Fish Sushi (disc 1)'s lyrics 1994-03-15
Fish Lucky Bastards (disc 1)'s lyrics 1994-00-00
Fish Lucky Bastards (disc 2)'s lyrics 1994-00-00
Fish Lady Let It Lie's lyrics 1994-00-00
Fish Derek Dick and His Amazing Electric Bear (disc 1)'s lyrics 1993-10-25
Fish Derek Dick and His Amazing Electric Bear (disc 2)'s lyrics 1993-10-25
Fish Uncle Fish & The Crypt Creepers (disc 1)'s lyrics 1993-06-00
Fish Uncle Fish & The Crypt Creepers (disc 2)'s lyrics 1993-06-00
Fish Songs From the Mirror's lyrics 1993-01-20
Fish External Inside (disc 2)'s lyrics 1993-00-00
Fish Take a View From the Hill!'s lyrics 1993-00-00
Fish External Inside (disc 1)'s lyrics 1993-00-00
Fish Never Mind the Bullocks's lyrics 1992-00-00
Fish Something in the Air's lyrics 1992-00-00
Fish Internal Exile's lyrics 1991-10-28
Fish Credo's lyrics 1991-00-00
Fish Big Wedge's lyrics 1989-12-27
Fish State of Mind's lyrics 1989-10-16
Fish The Company's lyrics 1989-00-00
Fish Live in Holland's lyrics
Fish Candlelight in Fog (disc 2)'s lyrics
Fish Candlelight in Fog (disc 1)'s lyrics
Fish Forgotten Songs's lyrics
Fish Bagpipe Disaster (Internal Exile Tour)'s lyrics
Fish 1991-10-26: No Place for Children (A Cucumber-Lovers Fanclub Gig): Tivoli, Utrecht, The Netherlands's lyrics

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