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Its a small world after all

Its fan
Its fan you know what the name is
Spitting rhymes you know what the game is
I goy some stuff I wanna bring up
I have an album on the way
Just need to love and hug and Brotherly love
What they do to us
Cause you never know who you might meet
Bird or a kid on the streets


Life is short and the world is small
You never know when you might fall
Stop the fighting it could last forever
were all here on this earth together

Cant we all just get along
hold hands around a fire and sing my song
holla dogg just put a smile on your face
so we can live together
in this happy place

[Hook 2]
Everbody get your smile going on
get together and sing my song 2x
United we stand divided we fall
come together we can have a ball


So I'm just tryin' to get my point across
I hope you all don't get lost
but if you are its OK cause ill help you out
that's what being friends is all about
In a world so small
lend a hand that well stress a little less Its easy for us to blow it
Don't you just know it
I'll teach you what it is to live
Its the same fundamentals you use to forgive I can teach you what it is to
be kind
Just open up and expand your mind

[Hook Chorus]

I'm a small girl living it up in a small world [2x]
i'm a small small girl livin it up livin it up
[Hook 2]

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