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I heed the calling
this is my destiny
to walk amongst thee
Arise, great lord
Your dead throne awaits thee

Father, i heed thy calling
the winds are coming
from stars long dead
Vast lands i've journeyed
to the ancient kingdom
now ruins beneath
these catacombs

I summon thee brethren of doom
now gather before thee
and hear thy words
I am lord of the spells
bringer of the great age of blight

I dawning of the final age
begins with the setting of the sun

Vanquish day, behold the night
eternally shall it reign the sky
toll the bells of doom

For tonight we annoint
the gates of oblivion
Raise your cries
to the father of darkness
and serve in dark eternity
await the empire of unholy night
a dread kingdom of the final age
await the chant of
the spell that unbinds

Into infinite darkness
i lead thee now
let dread fiends engulf the skies
and let the terrible
Black Emperor RISE!

I call to the spirits
awake from your resting place
unearth the remains
of the shadow gates
In ancient tongue i speak
from the text divine
open the rift....
acess the demon plain

Render The Demon Gate!!

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