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constellating pulling pieces together
making a whole
of the parts i gather what will form?
constellating pulling pieces together
under an infinite ebony sky
a pools reflection of the intramural endlessness of life
and i think that star is my mirror image
see how its brighter
then it dims like a light bulb on a shaky circuit
i will induct my wires into a concrete foundation
originating from your eyes you are the very first time
i felt alive
an unacquired sense in your impulsive vibe
that just defeats the fiction in my mind
and now every line is drawn to your light
the endless fight between foes who align
as if to see eye to eye but its those love overrides
shattering consistency
where the air is easy to breathe around you
and trails of thoughts are lost inside the pause around you
a secret spot for broken minds
like mine to find a home inside
high above those who light and stoke the fires underneath you
and who do you redeem and who begins to fly
and now i know what the pieces
will form together

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