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Something what once was desired
turned into a thrill
that should not
ever be

Now I'm kneeling down, to ground
I'm begging for the reasons
I'm asking for comprehension
I am crying out for explanation
for all I've done
There's no answer
but my own weakness

And I'm crying now
The tears of this betrayal
reversed to cause
So much deeper pain
than the others
could ever make me feel

I thought I could
fight back the lust
but I'm too weak
the desire burns
It's much too strong
I've betrayed your trust
How could you ever forgive me
...When I can't...

All that's happened now, to me
Just confusing, torturing
How did I end up
like this

As I'm dying now
I hope I've paid for my deeds
I tried to fight to make things right
but for me the price was
these wounds in my soul
they won's heal

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