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The fear of losing an oblivious past
I would die alone, feeling that it cost me so much
My dreams and hopes are taken away
I see no light within the soul that used to light up my day.

The hopes and dreams, the counts I missed
You left me with no reason to cry, as I vanish.

My will stands fast as I hold my dagger up.
My will stands fast as I hold my dagger up high!

In a constant state of being I am not
I starve, my life taken away from me, I wither
My shadow is one you do not see
I abstract myself from my life.

I want to change but I shall not
I poisoned myself for too long with you
As I murder the world I defile myself.


My will stands fast as I hold my dagger up.
My will stands fast as I hold my dagger up high!

The love I felt for so many years
Has died in an ocean of tears
I see the light of a new day come forth
As I hold my head up high, I will starve!

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