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Possessed by the twilight at the tunnels of hell
Breathe the dead fog and taste the abyss you dwell
March on hollow ground and break the knife if it falls
Fight until death enjoy the end, hear the call
Heedless we feast but the food chain we lead
A predator's reign is all what it needs
Reacting the cult feel the powers it bares
Devestation at dawn will feed hell's spawn

Satan's Soldier's Syndicate
We walk the fire
Hail the pest we obsess
Satan's Soldier's Syndicate

Within the shores of obscurity
Above the laws of eternity
All shall bleed in ecstasy
Now take the hole to hell

Entertained by the sick, feel your bodies ignite
The seeds that you sawn are your shore force the right
Is it death that you fear, all remains will appear

All your bodies will break without soul in the end
Held high your own palace let it never collapse
And with the courage it will everlasting in dwell
But if hell awaits while humans fail
We all shall bleed eternally

Come on bastards
If you walk the water
We will walk the fire

Satan's Soldier's Syndicate
We walk the fire
Hail the pest we obsess
Satan's Soldier's Syndicate

No confession at all
To whose master you would go
Just a kind of...

Destiny in its roll
While desaster takes control
The wicked at the aftermath
Observe the light, construct the path

[Repeat Verse 1]

Satan's Soldier's Syndicate
We walk the fire
Hail the pest we obsess [x2]

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