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I am War your truest god
my presence you'll regard as nothing new
I am War your sacred muse
But this time no one wins - you all will lose!

I am Plague your darkes fear
I haunted you since early dawn of time
I am Plague your hated god
In rotting flesh of humans you'll see me

I am Starvation your doom
Some of you have never met me yet
I am Starvation divine
The new god to be known among your men

You have forgotten me...
Time to reunite.

War, Plague, Starvation and Death.

Mortal troops march toward us
They will struggle in vain
War inventions, toys of war
we're above your tiny games

I am Death your final breath
I'm the one that strikes you from behind
I am Death, your most feared god
Invisible til you're already mine

You can'tescape from me...
In darkness we unite

War, Plague, Starvation and Death

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