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these were his last words to a cursed world:
...now let that red sword of virtue stich right through my heart...my blood
shall flow to the sinful grounds and may my wounds never bleed dry...
cause this is the blood sent from the heavens and it shall pave the way to
solution... blood drips from your hands and you will never wash them
blood always cries for blood...the blood of the innocent screams for
yours... heaven now cries with tears that are flowing forth like a stream
the blood of your victims shall drip from the skies like rain and may the
sun fall into oceans of blood... death and darkness shall reign for ten
of generations...your children will be drenched in blood... Because he who
kills cannot love and he who loves would never kill....
there is no forgiveness and no mercy when mankind forgets its duties to
creation and when my last words are spoken your families shall be
now take my life, take my blood...to fulfil your hearts of hatred... you
wanted the blood from the innocent and soon the innocent will splatter the
with yours... and your children shall pay for the sins of their
fathers...ten thousand generations in blood.... ... ... he died and his
words like thounderous blows
rang and rolled over the earth... like a breath, like a wind, like a
shadow, a phantom... and on the darkened sky crows will appear to bring
back the light
to the believers....
this was the day the earth stood still, he left their rotten world behind,
murky storm clouds began to darken the sky and in that darkness justice
should rise again ...

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