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You shoulda seen her
Man, her fid in my hand heavy sweatin' like a fever
The way she cut through flesh, she was beautiful
Her grace and finess had my love incurable
Little red beady marks trickle down her closed eyes
Whenever there's static she'll make it all right
She was there, never saw me out
Hand on my bidness
Until that day
The court provided a witness

[Anybody Killa]
She was like the moon
The stars, the rain, the heat from the sun
Any fucking thing you could imagine
I was so upset when her ass left
I hunted her down at put three in her chest
Wrapped the body up put her in the ride and drove it home
To find a resting place so her soul can roam
What kinda girl could make a man just crack
The bitch really has to be all that
She was

She was something I'll never forget
I don't really miss her though
Now she's gone and never coming back
She was
She was something I'll never forget
I don't really miss her though
Now she's gone and never coming back

[Violent J]
Blind date, she was alive when I got there
Dead when I left
I shut her throat down, squeezed all the air out her neck
She fought back, scared with a deep fear in her eyes
Until they rolled into the back of her head and she died
I gripped her by the ears slamming her skull off the floor
Till they ripped right off her head, I bolted for the door
Started to cry I forgot to kiss her goodbye
I turn around to go back in and keep reliving the lie
She loves me

[Jamie Madrox]
She's like a ride on a roller coaster
Filled with many ups and downs
And did everything just to get closer
To her, but she pushed me away
Fat kids are used to rejection
We deal with that shit everyday
Something about her made me press the issue
My friends told me to leave it alone, she'll only diss you
She did, but I was ready for that
Pulled my axe outta my book bag and I put it in her back

She was something I'll never forget
I don't really miss her though
Now she's gone and never coming back
She was
She was something I'll never forget
I don't really miss her though
Now she's gone and never coming back

[Blaze Ya Dead Homie]
She was a brown complexion with a touch of German blood
Like the sweetest purple cooch to ever surface in the hood
I kept her on my bed
And at my side at all times
She was known for having grown men wanting her crime
High temepered and high strung
But at least she get the job done
And bust off a couple straight shots just for fun
Till that faithfull night
The pigs busted in my residence
And took my bitch and fucked her as some murder evidence
She innocent

[Monoxide Child]

She's outta her mind
It was like the second coming of Satan watching me from behind
She's been stalking me for weeks and weeks
She keeps calling me and hanging up as soon as I speak
What a freak show
Leaving me little clues
But nothin' coulda prepared me for her hanging in my living room
With a note and a rope around her neck
And it read, "My love will never die for you, even when I'm dead"

Why would this girl that I love
Carry me to murder
Tell me why, tell me why, tell me something or die
Why would this girl that I love
Make me have to be this way
Does she like me this way [x3]

[Violent J]
Now the sign tell me that I got 45 years
I'll get out in 30
If I'm good
If I have a good time
I'll be out in 30 years
I don't regret this baby
I'm glad I did what I did
Cause I love you and I don't regret doin' what I did
30 years, I can give 30 years for you

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