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i could make a list of all the cynical ideas i have now
they're all attributed to you
like "love is just another form of cancer"
but contrary to what you might think
the list flushes down the drain so easily

whoa, watch me now
i could do my dance anyhow
but i wanted you to see it
and anyone can see
what the outcome of this story won't be
'cause, baby, i'm back

up in the distance there's a fuzzy figure that might remind you
turn away, it's too late
because the one laughing the hardest won't escape your brain
like a dynamite boy song, ringing true,
it will grab on tighter every single day

so keep on sitting on your hands
but i'm right outside your window now
'cause, baby, i'm back and you can raise the roof on that

round and round we go but you'll see
now who's laughing, now who's laughing
round and round we go but you'll see
now who's laughing, now who's laughing now...
please keep all hands and feet inside the car
'cause here we go
round and round we go, round and round we go

and your vacant stares
only drive me further from my weak place
'cause, baby, i'm back and you can raise the roof on that

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