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Come into my room, I bid you welcome
To show you my world, and yours to explore
You want to know danger, feel the lashing of skin
And taste blood on the lips of a kiss

The shadow in my smile
The powers there to find
The glitter of death...
In my eyes!

Reality dies, hot bodies pulsing
Time is destroyed in sexual magic
Grabbing your hair, unashamed lust
And you're begging me to

Can you feel it deeper down?
How I am fucking your soul!
Deeper down...
Fucking your body and soul!

Hand in hand with pain and pleasure
Winds of "sin" at my sails
Sailing the seas of satanic dreams
Sinking through the waves of orgasmic rush
To another plane in the spirit world
And down into your endless depths

Where the dragon guards the treasures of your secret heart
The look of rapture on your face... Nothing could be more beautiful
Tunnel vision of slamming through... in a purple rain

And the chaos comes crashing down!

Do you know the shadow in my smile?
And the powers there to find?
And can you see the glitter of death... in my eyes?

Feel it deeper down!
How I am fucking your soul!
Deeper down...
Fucking your body and soul!

Body and soul, flesh and blood
Heart and mind, spirit and seed
From the depth of my soul

Body and soul, flesh and blood
Heart and mind, spirit and seed
Flesh and blood, heart and mind

Feel me in your soul, flesh and blood
Heart and mind, deeper in your soul

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