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Indians are not chinamen, some books contain lies.
If man had evolved from apes, there would be no more apes.
It has been said and written over and over again that the first north
Americans followed migrations of animals on a land bridge from asia into
the north America due to
exposed land which occured during the low sea levels of the last ice age.
It has been said that there is no historic record of these early pioneers
last of which crossed supposedly at 10,000 years ago, even though great
civilizations, with great structures already existed in north and South

If man had evolved from apes, there would be no more apes.
Oh, the truth feels good.
All this is quoted as fact with absolutely no consideration to the common
sense notion that as an ice age recedes it does so from the warmest parts
the earth around the equator, to the north and to the south towards poles.
This grear land bridge theory subliminally suggest that the people who were
native to this land were not native at all but mere descendants of
If man had evolved from apes, there would be no more apes.
Oh, the truth feels good.

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