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wheels keep turning over time
this doesn't sit so good
a constant filth remains in seed not getting out
(still lapping) bend of bind,
panic of doubt stilled ambition greed's
isolation imprints sleeve keep your receipt,
these shoes are wearing thin
molded bearings feeble stance
it's all in what you ball inside
the degree you bind
maintained before the presence of defeat
sets your trailed distinctions a pace
refined to you
bend to how you feel
carve what is real
all moments met in your life will
bend tight to you,
clutching you through,
dismissing luggage settled foes
take time to read yourself up
clean spin back vice from hold
take time to repossess your needs
you have and are what you're searching for
worn out start looking around
you're feeling the same as you portray to be
complaining a disease that you won't pass to me
your timing is never just set up and done
your carving distinctions the pace
you refine molded distinctions degree of bind
hard time had by all some long
some not so keep filling shoes keep signature
recoil you now

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