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[Cha Cha]
Uh, uh, yeah, uh, yeah, uh, yo
Where the payback?
Throw the clothes on the counter
Like pay for that
I know these broads hate me now
That's cause you okay with that
Them payments, kind of late with that
Baby boy straighten out
Baby girl stay getting backs
Car note you can't wait for that
No strings attached, we don't match
See you like a loyal cat
Cha Cha like a spoiled brat
Bounce your checks like an acrobat
Then after that, take half of that
Still not gonna be tapping that
I'll sell my life, gonna sell my half
Something that I'm just laughing at
Daddy taught me that, they talk game
Talk it back, love you and hope for that
Last brother taught me that
Shady you can buck me down
Not compatible to my zodiac
Da grip, naw don't show me that
>From da Z where we plenty that, plenty that

1 - [Jagged Edge]
Said what he likes
That's what she likes
Get the cash, get the dough
And we stay tight
Gotta stay down for baby
I'm telling you now baby
Said that I want
Tell what you want
Get the cash, get the dough
Baby don't front
I'm telling you now he likes what she likes

2 - [Cha Cha]
Zipping through lab tops
Women in ta-tas
Linen in drop tops
Listening to Cha Cha

3 - [Jagged Edge]
She likes clothes and bankrolls
That's how the game goes
Chips to Montigo, feeling everything yo

[Jagged Edge]
I like a mommy who get rowdy with a body so sweet
Make a nigga drop right down to his knees
Plus she's staying laced and she's so fly
Make a nigga tell a woman bye-bye
I like the way she get down with me
I like the way she keep it cock when she hit the street
I like what she likes and he likes

Repeat 1

Repeat 2

Repeat 3

[Cha Cha]
Yo, yo he likes a hottie with teeter-totters and body
Chocolate ta-teys, bank grande and Jake say I excel like Hyundai
In a hundred and one ways, Monday through Sundays
Living bigger than Pun days, my fun only begun days
>From ways of Cali to the sun rays in Maui
Or a one way to an alley or a mind over Howie
Had his angel at a dead-end
Leaving Hawaiian, papayan and Mr. Hiti Patitti
For America's sweetie, politicking to get some chickens
Lead the chicklings
Always thinking get cream
I don't like it neither if it don't bling, bling
See he on a mission and I know what he likes
Petite waist, cute face, and I'm just as tight
Went from swallows to bottles with a real super model
Somebody told them the time and it wasn't Miss Movado
So where the dough, huh?

Repeat 1

Repeat 2

Repeat 3

Repeat 2

Repeat 3

[Cha Cha]
What she likes, he likes
What she likes, he likes
What she likes, he likes
What she likes, he likes

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