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Armed with Satan's weaponry
we died and went to heaven
Marching to salvation
as mad men we arrived

Numerous are the Soldiers
Centurians of Satan
Scorched black souls so furious
never to surrender

unto god in Blasphemy
his flesh and blood for you and me
Let's Kill god the spartan way
no more god-sent, hunt him down !

Through no trial we will judge
embittered as we are
We fight until there's no more blood
to stain this kingdom red

god got killed
his blood was spilled
stabbed from the throne
he died alone
oh, what a shame
to see god lost his name
We are to blame
god got killed

Revolt against the god
who claims us to be his
let's make him swear ro Satan
before we have him killed

Rewrite bible apocalypse
No victory for god
Raise the banner of Lucifer
unfold the Flag of Hell

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