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Crestfallen I cross the border of the Dark
Something cold penetrates my heart
It rules me, drags me into black
Lifeless, within the moonlit sky I'm lying
My wings are torn I'm crying
"Why am I here? What have I done?
Who goes near? Where is my Sun?"

Trapped in the Dark I'm paralyzed
Dark fills me up with Her Drink
Sweet pictures She draws before me eyes
Acute pain! She sinks her teeth in into me
When She is ending to swallow me
She flings me down, falling I call the Sun
"Save me!
Why must I suffer? Why my weak body can't
Oppose when Darkness covers me?
Why must I comply with Her wishes?
Oh my dear Lord, why me?"

Soulless, wingless and twisted
I'm falling into space
Dark took my soul and cut my wings
But She can't take my faith
Clouds stop my downfall
I'm waiting for someone ...
... I'm waiting for my Death to come ...

[Autumn 96]

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