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[Part 1 - ...As Twilight Descends]

[ verse 1 ]
In your darkest hour of need
Bleeding innocense lies
Searching for serenity
Where even death may come to die
[ chorus ]
Spread your wings and fly away
Soaring high above all your yesterdays
[ verse 2 ]
Angels wings soak all I bleed
it's raining red as they fly
Staining the world forever
As bleeding innocense lies
[ chorus ]
[ solo ]
Darkness divinity
Endless infinity
Let our journey begin
....As twilight descends

[Part 2 - The Otherside]

Welcome to the otherside
Make yourself comfortable
Lay down and die
[ verse 1 ]
Welcome to lifes CATCH 22
The more you run the more it comes undone
What a tangled web you weave my friend
Buried bones can come back to haunt you again
[ chorus ]
The otherside of twilight The otherside of twilight
Father time is laughing precious years you're wasting
Fucking ignorant
[ verse 2 ]
I welcome you to the minds eye view
As twilight descends then the trip begins
What a twisted game you play my friend
When checkmate is close you start all over again
[ chorus ]
[ solo ]
[ bridge ]
You will never be the same
Once you have seen the pain
Falling from the sky
Angels wings soak all I bleed
As they wait for death to die
Such a lonely space in time
[ solo ]
[ repeat 1st verse ]
[ chorus ]

[Part 3 - Face Your Fate (The Calling)]

Somethings calling to us from the otherside
Tempting us to reach out to the electric sky
Visions of hope and glory through mystic light
Is this the ending to our story
As we fade into..........The night

Face your fear face your fate
Heaven can wait until it's over
Hear the call take it all before it's too late
Nows the time to face your fate
Answer the calling and face your fate
Answer the calling and face your fate now

Darkness divinity endless infinity
Drift into oblivion another space in time
Lose yourself inside the madness
Darkness is divine
Twisting and turning time is burning your soul
Twisting and turning time is taking its toll
Face your fate its coming for you
Face your fate its calling to you

Somethings calling to us
From the otherside

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