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You don't like the clothes I wear
I'll shave my head or grow my hair
What makes you look over here
What are you queer?
Suck My Dick
Suck My Dick
Suck My Dick
You call my music sonic poison
Turn it down it's annoyin'
But it gives me pleasure to aggravate
The ones I hate
Walking down the Streets
A Bottle grazes off your head
From a window someone laughing
Spitting on your head
Find a weapon bash their skulls in
Don't they make you sick
Kill these fucking pricks

Shins and bangers joing fight or one
Those who persecute battle til' they've won
Tired of being pressured
To join their plastic army
You conforming clones will be sorry
I won't change for anyone
Keep fighting 'til I'm done
I got a right to be myself
And you can go fuck yourself

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